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Wega Coffee Machine Repairs

Wega Coffee Machines are top-branded Italian coffee machines, which are ideal for use in both small and large commercial spaces, mobile catering units, or areas having limited electrical supply. Not only by its design, but it gained popularity for its functionality as well. The dual fuel machines, making use of both gas and electric supply, can heat the machine rapidly where a constant supply of hot water and stream is possible. Wega Coffee Machines are known for their top-notch quality, precision engineering and stylish design. When someone is really in search of a commercial coffee machine to fit into a really big and busy establishment, then the Wega Commercial Coffee machine should be your ideal choice!

Owning a quality espresso machine like Wega means having an endless supply of delicious brews at home, but you’ll need to maintain it if you want to keep it in top form. Since espresso machines contain several moving parts and electrical components, they can be susceptible to malfunctions and breakdowns.

Wega coffee machine repairs require a certain level of expertise and experience in order to deliver optimal results. We will look into different models of Wega Coffee Machine, and some of the most common issues observed with the Wega machines, analyzing their causes and providing solutions for each problem. By understanding these faults, cafe owners and coffee brewers can take steps to reduce downtime or even avoid them altogether.

Different Models of Wega Coffee Machines available in the market

  • Wega Mini
  • Wega Mini Nova
  • Wega Atlas
  • Wega Polaris
  • Wega Airy
  • Wega Pegaso
  • Wega Concept
  • Wega IO EVD
  • Wega Vela
  • Wega Sphera

Among the different models, the Wega Experience Collections include Wega Sphera and Wega Polaris, with thirty years of Wega accuracy and reliability in the range of products. The Wega Energy Collections are innovative Wega Urban, and Wega Nova, featuring energy-saving systems having higher power ranges. While Wega Collection Original comprises the model IO and Airy featured with having the ability to adapt to any environment or style. Its simplicity and easiness to use makes them different and unique and stand out from the models. The Vela and Mininova, under Heritage Collections, present the retro model and melt the heart of every coffee lover with its elusive forms. 

Wega Coffee Machine Repairs

Different parts of Wega Coffee Machine

Whether you are just starting to look at options or you already own a Wega Coffee Machine, understanding its components can help you keep your serving efficient and safe.

  • Wega boiler elements and gaskets
  • Wega control units and touch panel
  • Wega electrical parts
  • Wega group head parts
  • Wega machine panel
  • Wega flowmeters and solenoids
  • Wega steam wands, water valves and water tubes
  • Wega boiler parts
  • Wega pumps and pump motors
  • Wega anti-vacuum and safety valves
  • Wega service and repair kits

Common Issues Associated with Wega Coffee Machine

We are always ready to provide you with service when your Wega Coffee Machine.

  • The water pump makes a hissing noise
  • coffee machine leaks
  • The electric supply is tripping
  • hot water does not come
  • issues with the water filter
  • need for a new filter
  • leakage of portafilter
  • steam comes out of the coffee machine, or if there is a lack of steam,
  • when the machine overheats or does not heat up properly
  • a flash of light from the volumetric buttons of the coffee machine
  • overfilling of the water tank
  • coffee is too cold
  • coffee does not come out
  •  coffee is not warm or tepid
  • coffee machine in need of PSSR inspection

We are always ready to help you when your coffee machine requires regular service. Do not worry, we will reach you in no time, and get your problems fixed. 

Comprehensive Solutions -Our services

  • Ideally, the Wega Coffee Machine should be serviced once every year to ensure its top working. Our coffee machine engineers guarantee to repair your domestic Coffee machine within a week, without making any excuses!
  • The blades of the grinder should be replaced every four years. White specks on the ground coffee shows that the blades rip the coffee beans apart.
  • We will provide you with a loan machine if we take additional time to complete the repair of your coffee machine. 
  • We guarantee all the repair of your coffee machine within 60 days’ timeframe. This occurs when different parts subsequently fail. 
  • We will fix your problem on-site, or you can return your machine to the service centre. 
  • We can repair all the parts of your Wega Coffee Machine -If you are unsure what is wrong with your stuff, we are here to help. Be cool. Our experienced team will assess your machine, analyse the problem and make comprehensive solutions to tackle the issue. We ensure the problem does not occur again; sit back and make great cups of coffee!
  • Our highly qualified technicians will also offer preventive coffee machine service repairs and maintenance to stop any unexpected headaches from occurring and ensure the machine’s smooth working. 
  • We also offer coffee machine servicing advice. 

Wega Coffee Machine Repairs And Servicing

  • Cleaning the coffee grinder

Our staff will empty the brewing unit and grinders to remove any unwanted components that change coffee’s aroma and give you a sour-tasting drink.

  • Descale the boiler

We ensure the proper functionality of the machine by removing built-up scales to protect it from damage. 

  •  Serve delicious coffee

Our experts will professionally set up your machine to produce delicious coffee!

Wega Coffee Machine Repairs & Services

Coffee Machine Repair has experienced professionals who are always ready to serve you. Our friendly team will repair and service your Wega Coffee Machine in no time! We do not have any middle people – we have experience in the service and repair of every brand of commercial coffee machine. That is why we offer a 100% guarantee to your coffee machine and our customers are happy to come to us again with satisfaction! We are the only coffee machine repair centre in South Africa with access to a quick stock of almost all parts. You can approach us confidently and get your coffee machine service faster than anywhere! 

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Coffee Machine Repair ensures your Wega Coffee Machine runs smoothly. We service all, Wega Coffee Machines. You can bring your coffee machine to our service centre, or we will service it at your location. For further information about our service, contact us today. 


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