Regular Coffee Machine Maintenance: 3 effective methods.

Coffee Machine Maintenance

Regular Coffee Machine Maintenance: 3 effective methods.

Coffee machines have become a daily necessity and regular coffee machine maintenance is essential in order to keep your machine running properly for your uninterrupted daily doses of coffee! Whether it is your home coffee machine or your Espresso machine at the office, to provide the best quality coffee, it’s not just the quality of coffee powder and milk that matters, but how well the coffee machine is maintained.

Let us look at the top 3 reasons why it is necessary to have regular coffee machine maintenance. 

Top 3 reasons for regular coffee machine maintenance

Avoid Future Expensive Repairs:

Isn’t it better to pay for an annual coffee machine maintenance and health check-up rather than spend a fortune on replacing the entire coffee machine? There are lots of parts in a coffee machine, both electrical and mechanical that can break or have wear and tear over a period of time and these can be identified only by a professional coffee machine repair and maintenance team.

Maintenance like cleaning of accumulated dust particles inside the machine or de-clogging of tiny pipes inside the machines should not be attempted at home by self as they require professional tools and precision. Another reason for the need for regular Maintenance is to prevent static electricity generation or even prevent electric shocks as your coffee machine is going to be using water, and water is a great conductor of electricity, so it’s very important that you seek professional help in regular coffee machine maintenance. To prevent excessive coffee machine maintenance cost in the future, its always better to do timely and professional coffee machine maintenance during the course of life span of your machine.  

Keep Your Coffee Fresh and Healthy!

We have heard and read countless reports on the health benefits of coffee and how drinking regular coffee can keep you healthy. But, do you know that the same coffee from your coffee machine can turn out to be a health hazard if you do not maintain your coffee machine properly?

A  dirty machine has a high chance of letting germs and bacteria get into the coffee and cause serious health issues. It is advised to clean your coffee machine every month by yourself and perform a deep-cleaning from a coffee machine maintenance team once in 6 months to make sure your coffee maker is free of any biological residues and that it keeps your coffee fresh. Keeping the coffee powder unused for a long term inside the machine is also not a good practice.

Retain the style and beauty of your machine!

Coffee machines in itself is a showpiece, be it in your kitchen or in a shop or office pantry. Companies spend millions on the design and aesthetics of every model of coffee machine they launch and it would be a pity to see your coffee machine ruined aesthetically due to non-maintenance. Not removing any leftover coffee grinds and coffee dust from your machine over a longer period of time will cause coffee stains to deposit which will be very difficult to remove with time. The last thing you need when a customer comes to your shop is to have a machine that is stained and causing a strong smell in your kitchen or pantry.

Now let us look at how to go about regular maintenance of your coffee machine

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How to maintain your coffee machine

Clean Your Machines After Every Use

By rinsing your machine after every use, you will ensure that it is clean and that it won’t leave a stain or smell behind. And while this isn’t too hard to do, it is something that many people forget to do or choose to ignore. This simple daily routine will help to make sure that you aren’t throwing away any money on a new machine! If there are coffee or milk stains on your machine, you can just run a mixture of water and vinegar to do a better cleaning.

Clean the coffee filters in your machine:

Depending on the make and model of your coffee machine, usually after about a month of use the filter becomes dirty and needs cleaning and the lifespan of your coffee machine filter depends on how well you maintain it.  If you do not clean the filter on a regular basis, it will get dirty very quickly and the filter pores will start getting clogged.

The longer you leave it like that, you will have no choice other than to replace the filters frequently. Now, some coffee machines have filters that are replaceable, but some coffee machines have filters that do not get replaced and if your machine does not have a replaceable filter, then if you do not perform regular maintenance, then the entire coffee machine will become useless once the filter system fails. If you are running a big establishment like a coffee shop or at a hospital cafe, then commercial coffee machine maintenance is very important for safety reasons as well. 

How to reduce coffee machine maintenance effort.

Here are some points that will help you choose a machine that will have low maintenance and lower repair chances

1. Buy a coffee machine that has a “self-clean” feature after each use. Though these machines are at the higher end of the price range, you won’t need to worry about manually cleaning them after each use and such machines easily have a lifespan of 10-15 years.

2. Buy coffee machines that have easily replaceable filters and other parts. Make sure you buy a model that is still available in the market so that you can easily find replaceable parts if repair is required. So always look out for newer models from top brands. 

3. Buy coffee machines that have coffee grinders as attachments. Since these are detachable, you can easily take them out for deep cleaning and even replace just this part in case they malfunction.

As we discussed in our  article on top reasons on why your coffee machine stops working , most of the issues can be avoided by simply following the golden rule of “regular coffee machine maintenance” 

In summary, while regular self-maintenance and annual technician-based maintenance may seem like a hassle, the benefits far outweigh any inconveniences. With regular maintenance, you can make sure that the machine runs smoothly and does not break down. Whether you already own a coffee machine or is the process of buying a new one, this article will help you save time and money by understanding the importance of proper maintenance of your coffee machine.

FAQs on Coffee Machine Maintenance

Yes. All coffee machines, be it commercial or the ones at your home require regular coffee machine maintenance. 

The frequency of coffee machine maintenance depends on the make and model of your coffee machine. However, it is advised to do regular cleaning of your coffee machine and quarterly service from a professional coffee machine maintenance team. 

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