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Carimali Coffee Machine Service

If you’re a coffee lover, we know the importance of a great cup of joe. But what makes a great cup of coffee? The answer is investing in a quality machine to brew that perfect cup. Carimali has been manufacturing some of the world’s best coffee machines since 1919 and is renowned for its outstanding quality and attention to detail.

For those in South Africa looking to service your Carimali Coffee Machine, we are at hand to help you!

Our highly trained and experienced engineers are always ready to provide you with technical support for the most advanced models of your Carimali Coffee machine, including:

  • Carimali Armonia Soft Fully Automatic Coffee Machine
  • Carimali Cento 50 Coffee Machine
  • Carimali Bluedot Power Fully automatic Coffee Machine
  • Carimali Kicco Coffee Machine
  • Carimali Diva Coffee Machine
  • Carimali Mya Soft Fully Automatic Coffee Machine


Within a limited time, our multi-skilled engineers will back up and service your device and ensure you enjoy the finest coffee again. 

Coffee Machine Repair is equipped with a team of self-motivated and experienced service people who are keen not just on technical aspects but also on customer service. Our customers are our priority. Hence, we ensure the quality of your Carimali Coffee Machine Service. We never compromise on it! 

Carimali Coffee Machine Service Near Me

Carimali Coffee Machine Service Near Me

Coffee Machine Repair is the leading coffee machine repair and service company in South Africa. Our friendly team of professional coffee machine service engineers will get your coffee machine serviced quickly! 

How Often Should A Carimali Coffee Machine Be Serviced

At Coffee Machine Repairs, we recommend servicing your Carimali Coffee Machine every six months or after using 8 kg of coffee beans. After almost 1000 cups of coffee, bringing your Carimali Coffee Machine to our barista-trained engineers is better. They are ready to serve you! The servicing of your coffee machine includes:

  • A completer service history on every Carimali Coffee Machine equipment is taken, after which, 
  1. Cleaning the coffee grinder
  2. Cleaning the brewing unit
  3. Full internal inspection of your Carimali Coffee Machine
  4. Descaling the boiler
  5. Water analysis -is carried out.
  • Training


Our service engineers will analyse the water unit of your locality and provide customised solutions for the same, which ensures the longevity of your Carimali Coffee Machine and guarantees a quality taste for your coffee. They never forget to train and educate the staff on the importance of evaluating the filtration systems, the installation process, and the need for regular service

  • After scale support and service

As we focus on your coffee, OH&S, milk handling and your Carimali Coffee Machine, our engineers will inspect your coffee machine to guarantee the device’s performance. We visit you, and you appreciate your machine! 

How Much Does It Cost For Carimali Coffee Machine Service

Coffee Machine Repairs ensure servicing your Carimali Coffee Machine at a reasonable charge at our service centre. We look forward to all your Carimali Coffee Machine service needs in South Africa. Visit our website or call us for any of your servicing necessities, as we can service your coffee machine within two days turnaround. All you need to do is pre-book and send us the quote. Our service department will take the necessary actions to fix the issue within the timeframe. Also, an additional fee will be charged for on-site servicing your Carimali Coffee Machine. For more details, contact us. 

Why Choose Us Over Others For Carimali Coffee Machine Service

Coffee Machine Repair is the ultimate solution for all your Carimali Coffee Machine Repairs and Servicing in South Africa. We have the most experienced and highly skilled engineers and technicians who consider perfectionism and deliver customer service their priority. That is why we receive only 5-star reviews, and our happy and satisfied customers call us back for future servicing. Our service team will guarantee the best coffee machine services as we do not entertain middle persons. We have experience dealing with every model and brand of coffee machine. Coffee Machine Repair can service and repair your Carimali Coffee Machine faster and most effectively.

Immediate stock of over 20,000 spare parts for almost all major brands of coffee machines and grinders is available at our service centre. Visit our website to learn more about us. 

About Coffee Machine Repairs

We understand the importance of your business and, hence, your coffee machine. We pride ourselves in providing the best service for our customers, including repairs, service, inspections, advice and support. Our certified engineers are experienced in working with almost all the top brands of coffee machines, including Carimali, San Marco, Brasilia, Wega, Anfik and many more. This experience has enabled them to repair, service and provide maintenance for all parts of the coffee machine, such as water boilers, grinders, etc., nationwide across South Africa. You can reach us in need of:-

  • On-site repairs -for urgent servicing.
  • Rapid callouts -average time not more than 2 hours.
  • Qualified engineers -no middle parties or subcontractors.
  • Holds only genuine spare parts -ensure the operation of your machine
  • Support and advice 
  • No extra cost

Start your friendly relationship with Coffee Machine Repairs -email us, write about your needs, and we will gladly service your coffee needs. Be part of our combined century of coffee machine experience! 


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