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Brasilia Coffee Machine Repair & Services

Coffee drinkers swear by their morning cup of coffee and often only trust themselves to make it. So, if your Brasilia Coffee Machine needs some repairs, you may be looking for ways to fix it. Coffee Machine Repair is your Brasilia Coffee Machine Repair partner in South Africa. We help you diagnose the common failures, make adjustments and calibrations with your Brasilia Espresso Machine and replace the parts when in need! Our technicians and engineers have years of experience in satisfying our coffee-lover customers! Our coffee specialists give quick responses and help you eliminate the issue quickly!

Different Parts Of Brasilia Coffee Machine we service

  • Brasilia boiler parts
  • Brasilia machine group head
  • Brasilia steam wands
  • Brasilia safety valves
  • Brasilia machine panel
  • Brasilia control units
  • Brasilia water tubes
  • Brasilia gaskets
  • Brasilia repair and service kits

Common Issues Associated With Brasilia Coffee Machine

  • Tripping power supply
  • Overheating
  • Leakage
  • Lack of steam
  • Coffee is not coming out
  • Noisy water pump
  • Coffee is too cold or tepid
  • The water tank is full

Our certified technicians are trained and fully equipped to repair and service your Brasilia Coffee Machine. Customer satisfaction is our motto. And we work wholeheartedly to fulfil it! 

Brasilia Coffee Machine Repair

Brasilia Coffee Machine Repair -Our Services

Coffee Machine Repair offers a wide range of services for your Brasilia Coffee Machine, including an assessment of the machine, repairs and replacement, preventive maintenance program and consultations.  

  • Our service engineers will talk to you about the issue with your commercial coffee machines and determine how to provide you with the most needed service. 
  • After assessing the condition, we will repair your device and get it done within a week.
  • We will also check on all the essential components of the machine, including the steam valve mechanism, touchpad volumetric program, anti-vacuum valve check, etc. 
  • Our technicians will calibrate the brewing temperature and water pump pressure and replace the group heads and water filter gaskets. 
  • Qualified technicians at Coffee Machine Repairs will also give preventive service and maintenance for your Brasilia Coffee Machine annually to fine-tune your machine from any damages. 

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Brasilia Coffee Machine

At Coffee Machine Repairs, we talk with you, analyse and fix the issue. We close every repair for competitive prices, including the labour charges at our service centre in South Africa. Pre-book and send the quote. We will repair your Brasilia Coffee Machine In just seven days. Additional charges will be applied for on-site repair and servicing of the coffee machine. We also offer a five months warranty for your Quality Coffee Machines from the invoice date. Any damage to your coffee machine within the time frame will be free of cost. Visit our website for further information. 

Brasilia Coffee Machine -Repairs and Services at Coffee Machine Repairs

Coffee Machine Repair provides repair and coffee machine service for your Espresso Coffee Machine in seven days. You can bring your coffee machine to our service station, or we are also available for onsite repair. If we cannot complete the repair within the time, we will provide you with a loan machine so that it will not affect your business. 

We can also provide repair and service for your coffee grinder. With more extended use, the grinder blades become dull. This results in varying sizes and shapes for the coffee beans, eventually affecting your coffee’s flavour. At Coffee Machine Repairs, we inspect the coffee grinder and provide essential services, including replacing the blades, cleaning them to remove the coffee from the grinding chamber, and finally resetting it. We are always available to you for any coffee machine servicing advice. 

Brasilia Coffee Machine -Preventive Maintenance at Coffee Machine Repairs

Coffee Machine Repairs recommend annual service of your Brasilia Coffee Machine to ensure its long life. By doing so, we can prevent the failures and damages associated with your coffee machine and offer you the best-tasting quality Espresso. We also recommend the replacement of your grinder blades every three years to maintain the quality of the coffee you serve and replacing the water filter for every six months. Major maintenance services at Coffee Machine Repair include:

  • Inspection of the grinder blades and cleaning them.
  • Cleaning of the steamers and group heads of the coffee machine. 
  • Cleaning the knock-out tube.
  • All the internal components are cleaned and maintained correctly. 
  • Monitoring the quality of water.
  • Examination of basket springs.
  • Rechecking the volumetric control touchpads and reprogramming them for accurate dispensation of coffee (if necessary).
  • Water temperature maintained at 86-93 degrees. 
  • The setting of the grinder and examining the grinder blades.
  • Purge the wastewater output. 
  • Regular coffee machine services.

Coffee Machine Repairs are open 24/7 for any emergency repairs. Phone us or email us for enquiry. We are open 24/7 for emergency repairs. 

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