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Faema Coffee Machine Repair Services

Are you having trouble with your Faema Coffee Machine? Have you tried troubleshooting, but nothing has worked? Coffee Machine Repairs help coffee lovers keep their Faema Coffee Machine in shape! We properly diagnose and repair various common issues with the coffee machine so that you can enjoy the perfect cup of coffee every time! Bring your Faema Espresso Machines to our service centre, and we will take care of your coffee machine!   

Different Models Of Faema Coffee Machine Available In the Market

  • Faema Smart
  • Feama Compact
  • Faema E98
  • Faema Legend
  • Feama S1
  • Faema S2
  • Carisma S1

Different parts of the Faema Coffee Machine

  • Faema electrical parts
  • Faema pump motors
  • Faema gaskets
  • Faema control units
  • Faema safety valves
  • Faema boiler parts
  • Faema head parts
  • Faema steam wands
  • Faema machine panel
  • Faema water tubes
  • Faema repair and service kits

Common Issues Associated With Faema Coffee Machine

  • Tripping power supply
  • The water tank is full
  • Overheating of the appliance or does not heat up
  • Lack of steam
  • Noisy water pump
  • Non-stop flashing of lights
  • No coffee is coming out, or coffee is too cold or tepid
  • Leakage from the group head
Faema Coffee Machine Repair

Faema Coffee Machine Repair -Our Specialities

Coffee Machine Repairs has a team of highly professional coffee machine repair specialist engineers and technicians who will repair, service and provide maintenance to your Commercial Coffee machine in South Africa in just one quote. We also repair and service almost all the top coffee machines and grinders brands. You bring your coffee machine to our service centre, and we will return it to you after the repair in just seven days. We will also provide you with on-site repair for your Faema Coffee Machine. Talk to our team to get more information about our service program. Our engineers will help you in hands in repairing your Faema Coffee Machine. 

Faema Coffee Machine Repair At Coffee Machine Repair

Coffee Machine Repair has a team of highly skilled and self-motivated coffee machines technicians to provide repair and servicing for your Faema Coffee Machine in South Africa. We ensure our customers get the best coffee machine repair service. You bring your Faema Coffee Machine to our service centre, trusting us. We take full responsibility for restoring the functionality of your coffee machine, and we will never disappoint you. That’s what makes us unique from other coffee machine service stations.

  • Coffee Machine Repair works efficiently to make your Coffee equipment look new.
  • Our coffee machine specialists have years of experience dealing with coffee machine errors.
  • A regular inspection of your coffee machine is done by our professional team every year to ensure the top working of your machine.
  • We carry out a preventive coffee machines repair services program for your Faema Coffee Machine that includes checking the coffee machine and cleaning them, including the portafilter and grinders. We also descale the build-up in the boiler, preventing it from further damage and enhancing the long life of the machine.
  • We can repair any part of your Faema Coffee Machine, including the coffee grinder, steam wand, group head, or boilers. 
  • Email us. We will thoroughly assess the issue with your favourite coffee machine, study it and take adequate steps to fix it.
  • You can bring your coffee machine to our service centre. Our technicians will work to make your Faema Coffee Machine to its perfect functioning. They will look at the drip tray and water tank to make sure they are clean, appropriately maintained and do not affect the functionality of your Faema Coffee Machine. In case they need a replacement, we will provide it immediately.  
  • We will do repair and replacement if needed at competitive prices. 
  • Coffee machine Repair guarantees a warranty of 50 days. If anything goes wrong during this period, don’t worry, we will fix it for free! 
  • Our service engineers work with genuine spare spares to fix your coffee machine issue and pour you the perfect shot of coffee all year round!  

Our customer satisfaction is our asset! We deliver an outstanding service to our customers better than any repair channels. We maintain professionalism and quality throughout our work from start to finish. Visit our website and get a glimpse of our previous repairs. 

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