5 Reasons Why Coffee Steam Wand Purging Before Use Is Important

Coffee Steam Wand Purging

5 Reasons Why Coffee Steam Wand Purging Before Use Is Important

Reasons For Coffee Steam Wand Purging

Sipping a coffee or a latte with a sour or bitter taste, and having milk residues in it would be awful. Isn’t it? Have you ever thought about why it is happening? It usually occurs by improper cleaning of your coffee steam wand. A coffee steam wand creates milk steamed for commercial coffee machines. So it is no wonder if you receive terrible coffee without precisely maintaining the coffee machine tools. Cleaning and maintaining your coffee machine effectively will help you produce high-quality, flavourful coffee. In addition, it will also foster the perfect functioning of the machine along with your company’s reputation. This blog covers all aspects of the importance of coffee steam wand purging.

Coffee steam wandA coffee stand wand is a tool used to produce hot water. The steam wand operates by pressurizing steam and controlling temperature.

Functions of the coffee steam wandAmong the many functions, major five functions of the steam wand include:

  • steaming the milk
  • adding air to milk
  • heating milk with this pressure
  • producing froth and bubbles
  • cleansing the coffee machine reservoir

What is purging

The coffee may lose its flavour and taste if the steam wand gets contaminated or blogged with particles. Hence, it is necessary to clean the steam wand after use to ensure the strength and quality of the coffee. Purging is the process used to remove the impurities from the coffee steam wand. 

Purging also allows the free flow of water through the steam wand, by removing the steam immediately after pouring. The steam condenses and evaporates quickly, leaving no residual water. The flow of only pure water, even after frequent uses, helps to increase the life span of the steam wand. Purging is done by preheating the boiler first to the desired temperature. 

Why is purging essential

Coffee steam wand purging is a highly essential process in order to maintain the proper functioning of your coffee machine. Reasons for steam wand purging include:

  • An accumulation of solid particles arises due to the clogging of pipes. This clog causes a rise in water temperature, reaching the boiling point. When particle accumulates at a higher rate, overflow of the liquid occurs, which ultimately may damage the machine and cause burns to users coming in contact with the liquid.
  • The solid debris (residual milk or coffee) also causes a blockage to the water flow, leading to uneven heating -an interference to the heat transfer, and producing bad-tasting coffee. 
  • When you leave the residual milk and build-up solid as such, it will dry up and causes a bacterial attack, which affects the taste of coffee.
  • Wear and tear to your expensive coffee machine occur when the fat of milk aggregates and causes increased pressure. This lowers the quality of the coffee you serve and also drags you for regular maintenance
  • Corrosion can also occur when the deposits and coagulated milk proteins pile up inside the steam wand. When this continues for a longer period, the coffee machine stops working. Visit our page to know more about the reasons for coffee machine repair

Coffee steam wand purging after each use is the cheapest solution to eliminate this crisis! Just rinse the steam wand with boiling tap water and dry it. Done!

Step-by-step guide for coffee steam wand purging

Coffee steam wand purging will help remove the unwanted residues and blockages within your espresso machine. This ensures the effective working of the coffee machine. 

  • Gather the essential tools for coffee steam wand purging -requires only a clean cloth (Make sure to use fresh cloth everytime).
  • Open the steam valve. Allows milk residues to come out. Run it until empty (keep your hands away to avoid the possibility of burning and also to avoid untidiness, keep an empty vessel under the steam wand).
  •  Close the steam valve. Unplug the machine. Wipe out the residues with a clean dry cloth.
  • Double-check to clear the obstructions.

Frequency of coffee steam wand purging: Coffee steam wand purging should be done once every two months. It helps to improve the quality and taste of your coffee. 

Benefits of coffee steam wand purging

The advantages of coffee steam wand purging are:

  • The milk residues accumulated will produce a foul odour and affect the taste of coffee. Purging helps remove the crusty, milk residues and bacterial action, which improves the milk taste. 
  • Without proper cleaning and maintenance, bacterial buildup occurs. To avoid it and to ensure health, purging the steam wand is necessary.
  • To prevent possible damage to the coffee machine and increase its longevity, your steam wand should be subjected to regular cleaning. 

Vinegar solution for coffee steam wand purging

It is recommended that your coffee steam wand should undergo purging once every two months. Purging is an easy and simple process which can be done using running water. To remove the bad odour that accumulates, preferably use a damp cloth, dampened with any detergent or simply water, and clean after each use. The amount of residues will determine whether to use chemical agents for purging or not. Otherwise, tap water is enough! For intense purging, vinegar solution is used for cleaning the interior of the steam wand. Soak it in vinegar, leave for 5 minutes and rinse off the residual vinegar. Avoid too much pressure, as it may cause damage and leaks to the wand. 

As you know, a dirty steam wand would be unpleasant with its look and with also the purpose it serves. Purging is simple and once you understand its advantages, you will never risk yourself to serve filthy coffee.  

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