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Want help repairing your coffee machine? Then, you have reached the right place. Our Coffee machine repair service at Krugersdorp assures you the most efficient service. We do our work with utmost care and commitment. Our services include repairing, cleaning and proper maintenance of the machine in no time. We are the most-rated and the best coffee machine repair service centre at Krugersdorp. Visit us, your visit would be worthwhile!


Espresso Machine Repair Service is now available in Krugersdorp! Our specialities are; we have a set of well-trained technicians who are specialized in repairing all brands of coffee machines (from split-new high-end designs to normal coffee machines), and all essential services which include repairing, refurbishment and cleaning are done in a fraction of time, with no delay. Your satisfaction is our priority! Drop us a call. We are here for your service and enjoy the best coffee experience!

Coffee Machine Repairs in Centurion


Why waste time and money buying a new machine when you have the best rental options available? Yes, our coffee machine rental service in Krugersdorp supplies you with the top branded coffee machines on the market.

We are most concerned about you and your budget. If you do not want to do a lot of research, tell us about the picture of the coffee machine in your mind, and we will bring it in front of you, with all sets of accessories required.

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Krugersdorp is the mining centre in South Africa, situated in Gauteng province to the west of Johannesburg. The city covers all the necessary modern structures, including shopping malls, business centres, shops and many more. Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve and Nirox Sculpture Park also add beauty to the place.

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We at Coffee Machine Repair company offer a wide range of repair services at Krugersdorp including  refurbishment, cleaning and maintenance of Top Brands Coffee Machines.

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Most of the repairs and cleaning are completed on-site, but in case we take the machine back to our service centre, we usually finish the repair work within 24 hours unless the spare parts needs to be ordered.

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