5 Common Coffee Machine Repairs


5 Common Coffee Machine Repairs

Common Coffee Machine Repairs

Most of our days start with the smell of coffee. What if your coffee machine stops working immediately? No doubt, your day will end up bad. Coffee machines are meant to work for longer periods, but we can not nullify their chances of breaking down at some point in time. But you must ensure the proper maintenance of your coffee machine, which is essential for its productivity. 

Many problems distract the ideal functioning of the coffee machine, ranging from lack of cleanliness to severe electrical issues. All these ultimately affect your taste in coffee. It would be difficult to call a maintenance specialist or send your coffee machine for service every time. How would it be if you could fix these issues? Given below are the 5 most common coffee machine repairs.

Common Problems with Coffee Machines

Some of the most common coffee machine repairs are listed below 

1. The machine is not heating

Imagine a situation where the coffee you brewed is not hot enough! Things like that might appear. In such cases, you need to check the heating element of the machine. It happens when the heating element does not produce adequate heat. As a result, the electric current will not pass, and the operation fails.

However, in most advanced machines, the heating element has supporting components like the thermostat and thermal fuse. The thermostat regulates and protects the heating element by constantly checking whether the heating element is on or off. At the same time, the thermal fuse protects from overheating. Things might be complicated when both the thermostat and thermal fuse need to be fixed. The heating element will not generate heat due to the interrupted power supply. 

There is no other way than to replace the heating element and thermal fuse in such conditions. However, the thermostat of the machine can be reset. 

Keep in mind:-Besides these, have a look at the Keep Warm switch to ensure continuity. The machine will only get hot when the power switch is on or in the correct position. Try turning it on and off if you face such situations. And also, you should always position the Auto Shut-Off switch properly during the brewing process. 

Another common coffee machine repairs are issues with the water pump of the coffee machine. When the water pump of the machine cannot operate, it brings you cold coffee from a hot coffee serving coffee machine. Sounds odd, right? In such cases, it is better to seek professional help to resolve the issue. 

2. The machine stops working

The reasons why your coffee machine stops running are as follows:

  • due to the clogging of tubes
  • closure of the valve (mainly due to clogging)
  • when the power cord or on/off switch stops

Now let us address each of these issues in detail. 

Tubes get clogged mainly by calcium deposits. To clean it, pass vinegar through the machine. After this, it should be treated with running water to wash off the vinegar completely. 

To deal with clogged valves, one might attempt to remove the lodged debris with a toothpick. 

Most importantly, refrain from attempting to fix the power cord yourself. There may be many parts in the machine having lost the power supply in different ways. You should contact qualified technicians to repair it. Our staffs are well trained to manage the rips, tears or any other kinds of damage the power cord has. 

You can check the circuit breaker and fix it if it has tripped. 

3. Coffee Machine has no water/ little water/ leaking water

There appear cases like your coffee machine has leaked or has no water. Sometimes it gives out steam. The main reason for the issue to occur are:

  • faulty tubing inside the coffee machine.
  • The water supply might get blocked due to air trapping inside the machine, as a result of which the machine can not draw the required water from the tank.
  • A leak occurs because of cracking or clogging of the water tank. 

To solve the issues, 

  • Install the tubes correctly (they should be tight).
  • To remove the air trapped inside, empty the tank after turning off the machine. Take out the water filter and fill the tank. Turn on the machine after carefully placing the tank back in place. 
  • Patch up the leaks using waterproof tape. To remove clogs, flush the water heavily from both ends. 

4. Milk frothing issues

Milk frothing is the method of creating a heavy foam of milk (aerating it), to mix with the coffee. The reasons why a coffee machine could not produce milk froth are as follows:

  • using low-quality milk
  • re-frothing the milk
  • inadequate steam pressure
  • blockage of the steam nozzle

 Solutions to deal with the milk frothing issues are:

  • use fresh milk
  • Clean the machine before re-frothing. 
  • check the steam pressure. 
  • thoroughly clean the steam nozzle. 

5. Clogged filter basket

The main reason for a clogged filter basket is, it is unclean. Because of continuous use, the reusable filter might get clogged by the essential oils of coffee. This may lead to slower movement of water out of the basket. To manage it, regularly clean the reusable filter in the machine. Thoroughly wash the filter with water (without coffee grinds). After washing, dry the filter with a damp cloth. 

For deep cleaning:

  • Try the mixture of water and distilled mixture in a ratio of 1:2 for soaking the filter. 
  • Soak it for a few hours (preferably overnight)
  • start scrubbing using baking soda.

It would be easier for you to fix the issues related to the coffee machine on your own if you have experience. Things need to be fixed. Do not worry. We are here at your service. We cover all the aspects with your coffee machine, including common coffee machine repairs, maintenance and services. Our specialities:

  • available 365 days, 24/7 for your service.
  • will get you a qualified technician or engineer immediately to fix the issue.
  • on-site fixing of issues
  • offer service package
  • We offer on-call coffee machine repair service to you.

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