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Commercial Coffee Machine Repairs & Services

At Coffee Machine Repairs, we provide repairs and services for all the leading coffee machine brands, including Saeco, Krups, Breville, DeLonghi and Gaggia coffee machines. Our service staff are experienced and qualified in their field, and they will not leave you disappointed. We are the trusted service providers, both warranty and non-warranty services, which use genuine and authentic spare parts for your coffee machine services. 

Coffee Machine Repairs are well-known for its unique service and repairs of coffee machine in South Africa. We provide nationwide services, and our customers have complete faith in us for our fast pickup and delivery services at your doorstep. We built our reputation with accurate and fast services and delivered excellent customer service at competitive prices! 

We provide a wide range of services, including cleaning and annual servicing of your coffee machine. Our service engineers will work wholeheartedly to ensure the full functioning of the device, which enhances coffee perfection. 

Bring your coffee machine to our service centre, and our staff will not only check the problem and resolve it, but they will also ensure coffee quality, water filter installation and coffee grinder service. We guarantee the smooth running of your machine and make it better than before! Coffee Machine Repair standards and track records say so!

Coffee Machine Repairs & Maintenance

To repair your commercial coffee machine, you will receive a prepaid postage label from our service centre. Once you receive it, an inspection fee is collected, which is deducted from the actual cost of repair. Hence, we assure our customers about the price before beginning the repair. 

We consider your morning cup of coffee and the overwhelming happiness you receive from your beloved drink. That is why our dedicated technicians will cover you if you want to clean and maintain your commercial or office coffee machine in South Africa. You will enjoy peace of mind with your device running efficiently that best fits your business. Take a deep breath- we ensure every sip of your favourite drink is one to remember. To learn more about our commercial coffee machine repair and maintenance office, visit our website or call us. We would be delighted to discuss the services we provide you. 

Whether you require domestic or commercial espresso machine repairs and services, Coffee Machine Repairs will provide the perfect solution! We help you when your energy levels decrease with the disappearance of the smell and quality of your coffee. We solve the crisis with routine coffee machine service and maintenance! 

Come to Coffee Machine Repairs! This is your professional and quick solution for commercial coffee equipment services anywhere in South Africa. Our coffee machine engineers evaluate and repair your machine in no time, delivering a smile of satisfaction on your face. 

Commercial Coffee Machine Repairs

Why Coffee Machine Maintenance Is Important

Commercial coffee machine repairs and maintenance are essential as it ensures the optimal working of the device. Regular maintenance and service are extremely important to deliver your brew’s completer flavour and aroma. It also removes the risk of future replacements or costly repairs to your machine. In addition, it reduces power consumption. Schedule our commercial coffee machine repairs and services without wasting your time! 

Our Specialities

We repair and service commercial and domestic coffee machines at Coffee Machine Repairs. Taking care of your coffee maker at its full depth and delivering exceptional services and hospitality makes us the preferred option for commercial coffee machine repairs in South Africa. 

We boast of maintaining the coffee culture in South Africa as we are irreplaceable partners for your coffee machines. We prioritise repair, cleaning and maintenance of the device. At Coffee Machine Repairs, our coffee machine service engineers work hard to provide professional care and service for your machine by cleaning it properly. This helps your commercial coffee machine to consume less power and deliver fresh coffee. 

Don’t wait any longer. Send your Coffee Machine to the Coffee Machine Repairs service centre -your ultimate coffee machine solutions partner! We will check the issue and take adequate action to resolve the problem. Get in touch with us. Please book your appointment today or send us an email.



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We offer repair and maintenance for all major brands of coffee machines, including Breville, Gaggia, Saeco and other specialty coffee machines.

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