Benefits Of Coffee Machine Rental Than Big Sum Purchase


Benefits Of Coffee Machine Rental Than Big Sum Purchase

Coffee Machine Rental

It is often said that ‘work smart and intelligently than work hard.’ Smart work is all about making the correct and wise decisions at the right time, and there is no point in regret. In this fast-growing world, the necessity of smart work pays the most.

When we deal with a coffee machine – its rental, or buying, the smart work has a lot to do. Investing in something should be done with utmost care as once the decision is made, there should not be any chance of rethinking. 

Coffee is an unavoidable habit for most of us. That is why the number of cafes and coffee shops has been increasing daily in this tough time also. As need increases, the availability, quality, and quantity should be met.

Then, there arises the question, Is it better to rent,  or buy a coffee machine? For smart workers, the answer is renting is far better than buying a coffee machine.

Renting a coffee machine

Rental of a coffee machine means a coffee machine is loaned for a certain period, where you have no actual ownership of the machine, instead the ownership lies with the one whom you had an agreement with. Here, in the rental of a coffee machine, the processes starting from installation, maintenance, and all the services are part of the agreement, like renting a house. You can also extend the agreement once the loaned time is over. Also, a training program would be performed illustrating the guidelines and working of the machine to the users, which itself assures a guarantee to the user on the correct operation and cleaning.

Training program on Coffee machine rental

For every coffee lover who loves to run a cafe, renting a coffee machine could be a great choice. You are provided with a training workshop conducted by a trainer, who gives you accurate and complete information regarding the running of a coffee machine and cleaning procedures, its sustainability, and all essential services available.

Coffee machine rental -Advantages

Coffee machine rental has a lot of advantages compared to the actual purchase of the machine itself. Major advantages include:

  • Flexibility

Coffee machine rental is more flexible because renting option is permitted for a certain period so that the user can verify whether the machine is adequate to meet the demands, how well its works, and its drawbacks. You can evaluate the existing machine and assess if another model is required, within that predefined time of agreement. It also allows the user to change the rental package at any stage and buy the machine, whether it suits your needs.

  • Cost saving

Coffee machine rental is highly cost-effective as the coffee machine renting agreement permits the user to pay the amount of the machine month-wise, rather than paying wholly. It could be highly helpful and beneficial for the user because the month-wise payment would be manageable for the client. Also, there are no commitments or any big deposits to pay for a rental. The tax advantage is also high.

  • Maintenance and service

The rental agreement comes with a full plan of maintenance and service of the coffee machine.

  • Machine switching

Rental pros agree to the condition that if the machine does not suit your demands at any stage of the agreement, the customer can swop to another machine.

  • Risks are minimal

Under any circumstances, if there is any change in the present scenario (if you do not like the machine, reduction of staff and business, etc), then you don’t have to worry much if you have chosen the rental of the machine. Also, you can switch to buying the machine, if in need. Buying the coffee machine is the final decision.

Different options in coffee machine rental agreement

While making a rental agreement, the coffee machine company gives you two options regarding the payment of the coffee machine. The customer has to decide, which one to choose from. 

Fixed Rental Price

Here the company goes forward with a fixed rental price irrespective of your machine’s coffee usage.

Reduced Rental Price

The financial advantage is high here. The company charges the price on the amount of coffee prepared and served. The more the coffee, the less will be the price. 

Usually Fixed rental price is considerably higher than the Reduced rental price. Also reduced rental price would not be economically feasible for a small coffee shop owner if your coffee demand is less.


Disadvantages of coffee machine rental

Major disadvantages of coffee machine rental include:

  • There is no chance to buy the machine

Once the period is finished, the user has to return the machine to the company, that owns the machine. 

  • Non-profitable in a long run

A rental agreement would not be economically profitable over a long period. Continuous renting for many years would be more expensive.


Coffee machine purchase

When you buy a coffee machine, you are the owner of the machine. The ownership of the machine lies solely within you. You purchase the machine paying the sum of money wholly. 

The guarantee in the purchase of the machine is limited (usually 1 year), but there is always an extended warranty. Service plans are also provided.

Advantages of buying a coffee machine

  • Ownership and control over the machine

As you are the actual owner of the machine, you can choose which model to buy, and also there is no restriction regarding the rate and limits of the machine. There would be a feeling of ownership.

  • Certainty 

If you have a clear idea about the machine and its working, you can direct adopt purchasing options rather than a rental.

  • Limited paperwork

You are not obliged to any contracts or financial dealings or checks.

  • For extended time

Buying the machine would be of great benefit if you wish to hold on to the machine for a long time.

  • Initial investments in the coffee machine would be deducted

as the depreciation of tax returns in the future.


Disadvantages of coffee machine purchase

  • Initial investment

A large amount of money is paid at the onset while buying a machine.

  • Maintenance and service do not come under the payment, but 1

year guarantee is provided. If any faults or if the machine is not working properly, you have to fix it yourself and maintenance have to be done after the guarantee period is over.

  • You have to pay out again if the requirement changes and you 

need a new machine.

Choose the best option -Rental of coffee machine

So to conclude as discussed, renting the coffee machine is considered to be more beneficial than actually buying the machine. 

  • More budget friendly 
  • Utilization, service, and maintenance friendly
  • Test your machine before buying the machine

The decision is all yours, but make sure you made the right decision!!!

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