5 Best Ideas For Choosing A Workplace Coffee Machine

Workplace Coffee Machine

5 Best Ideas For Choosing A Workplace Coffee Machine

Workplace Coffee Machine

The need for a workplace coffee machine is increasing substantially. Sometimes, a single cup of coffee is all you need to boost yourself from a tiring workday at the office, hospital, or even at construction sites. A sip of coffee is fair enough to increase your efficacy, creativity and productivity! 

There is a wide range of workplace coffee machines available in the market nowadays. Companies have to choose the best out of it, that satisfies their customers and makes your investment in purchase worthy. Here we discuss 6 characteristic guides to consider that help you choose the right one among the brilliant options.

1. Quantity -how many people will the machine serve daily?

When you choose a coffee machine for the workplace, opt for a machine that can serve coffee on a larger scale. The number of employees is a major factor to consider before the purchase. Try to stick to a machine with a higher capacity, which can serve higher volumes of coffee daily (preferably an automatic coffee machine or three-headed espresso machine). It will last longer than machines with limited capacity that show wear and tear quickly.

On the other hand, a company with lesser employees or that which works during the evening or night hours has only lesser coffee needs. In such cases, opt for a coffee pod machine or a one-headed coffee machine. It is affordable and easy to maintain. 

Know your need and purchase accordingly. 

2. Cost

Cost -it should be handled carefully. The cost of the coffee machine depends mainly on the design and model you choose. Its size, shape and functionality do matter while fixing the price. Besides the cost of the coffee machine, there are added budgets also -including the maintenance charge, and the cost of cups and coffee beans. Everything combined makes the overall cost of a workplace coffee machine.  

The thought of the cost might tempt you to stick with the kettle only. It has its own disadvantages. It will only be feasible for a short period, as they have to be maintained frequently. The maintenance cost is too high, which can be used to buy a new coffee machine. 

The ultimate goal is to make your employees and team happy! Let them enjoy a coffee break and work efficiently. In fact, it is the company culture! 

3. Speed -How fast will the coffee machine brew the coffee?

Coffee machines are fast-acting! It can brew large volumes of coffee in a single shot. The best option is the selection of filter coffee machines that can produce over 500 cups of coffee per hour. Bean-to-cup coffee machines are also convenient for serving high-quality coffee in the office. They, in fact, have many types and flavours, which makes them enjoyable. Hence, serving coffee in a conference room or among a large group would be easy!

4. User-friendly -The satisfaction of employees

Are your employees comfortable making coffee? Everyone would not be an expert in making coffee. Bear in mind to choose a coffee machine ideal for beginners, amateurs and professional coffee makers. You can either choose an instant coffee machine, an espresso machine or the push-a-button automatic coffee machine. But never compromise the quality of the coffee. Make sure you serve the best coffee to your clients and staff. Therefore, the selection of a coffee machine that runs well without any complaints is necessary.

5. Space

It is very important to consider the space to keep the machine at the workplace. There are a variety of products, with a range of designs and models. Select the one that best fits your workplace.

Most of the coffee machines available in the market come with a bean canister above the machine. Therefore, finding a perfect spot for bearing the bean canister is also needed. The spot should also allocate space for a cupboard, filters, water supply and the removal of wastes. 

It would be a luxury for the employees if you allocate an extra “break room” having plenty of space that could accommodate an additional snack cupboard along with the coffee machine.

Besides all these, remember to select an environment-friendly machine. Anything would be sustainable with proper operation and a fabulous drink is served only when all the factors are combined together.

We are always available on hand to provide you with support and guidance in choosing your excellent coffee machine. We help you know your priorities for a coffee machine, and all the back-ups required for properly working the machine. The operation and maintenance of your workplace coffee machine are one of the services we offer. Visit our service page. Get in touch with us to choose the best coffee machine for your business!

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