8 Incredible Health Benefits Of Coffee


8 Incredible Health Benefits Of Coffee

Health Benefits Of Coffee

It is hard for most of us to think about a day without a coffee. Yes, we all welcome our day with a sip of coffee every morning. The pleasure we experience at the sight and smell of coffee is unexpressed. 

Coffee and caffeine

The first thing that comes to mind at the thought of coffee is nothing but the caffeine itself. Caffeine acts as a central nervous system stimulant, regulates blood pressure and so on. Other than caffeine, coffee also contains chlorogenic acid and certain antioxidants.

Coffee and its forms

Coffee is prepared from the roasted beans of the coffee plants. Being a brewed drink, coffee undergoes many processes before it reaches its actual drinkable form. As served, all around the world, it is drunk as latte, instant coffee, americano, espresso, and many other varieties of forms. 

Coffee and its health benefits

Is this aesthetic drink which is a major habit of humans, good for our health? 

As a law of nature, anything in its optimal state is good for health. So does our coffee. Administration of coffee in the required quantity every day is not going to harm your health at any cost, instead helps to improve your health, boost your energy, and enhance your life span. Consuming coffee on a daily basis would not cause any difficulty to the body but has positive impacts across the body. 

Health benefits of Coffee on the Central Nervous System

As we all know, coffee contains caffeine, which is a central nervous system stimulant. Being a brain stimulant, caffeine in coffee enhances your 

  • Mental alertness and cognition –studies suggest that coffee is a magical drink. Intake of even a single sip of coffee can increases your thinking capabilities and your alertness. As a result of which, your cognition is enhanced. 
  • Reduce fatigue –engaging in any activity for a long time can make anyone fatigued. Caffeine in coffee helps you reduce your tiredness and increase your skill and memory. 

Health benefits of coffee in obesity

Drinking coffee has a major role to play in reducing your weight. Research implies that consuming coffee in sufficient quantity, along with drugs like ephedrine, can help you lose your overweight if monitored carefully. 

Drinking coffee at night and its health effects

Coffee is an energy drink. Coffee is highly recommended for people who wish to be awakened at night, for people who work at night, for students who are preparing for exams etc. Caffeine in coffee deprives you of sleep and keeps you staying throughout, without any lethargy. However, drinking coffee immediately before going to bed can have a negative impact as coffee reduces sleep. Hence, drinking coffee is only advised for individuals who want to be fit and alert at night, as the flavourful coffee from the coffee machine will definitely wake your senses up. 


Health Benefits Of Coffee On Headache

Headache is a common condition that people encounter in this present world. Migraine is one of the most popular headaches. People usually consume pain-relieving medicines to get quick relief from the throbbing pain of migraine associated with disturbances in vision and nausea. Consumption of good coffee and a balanced diet can ease the pain alongside pain relievers. Caffeine is coffee that acts as a fast relief for headaches. 

Health benefits of coffee on heart failure

There is a growing myth that drinking coffee is not good for your heart as coffee increases blood pressure and can cause damage to your heart. But on the contrary, drinking coffee can reduce the risk of heart failure. It stimulates and strengthens the heart muscles. However, a chain smoker consuming coffee is highly dangerous; it may lead to heart disease, cancer and eventually death sometimes.  


Diabetes and coffee -health benefits

Drinking coffee has an enormous result on people with type 2 diabetes. A single cup of coffee reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and remaining healthy, eventually increasing life expectancy. 


Health benefits of coffee in pregnant women

Consumption of coffee and caffeine is advised during pregnancy, but only in sufficient quantity. 300 mg of caffeine consumed daily is considered safe and will not harm you or your baby. However, drinking in larger quantities is unsafe during pregnancy as it increases the risk of miscarriage and stillbirths. 

Like as pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers can also drink coffee in the right amount. The drunk coffee will pass to the breast milk. Hence, only a smaller quantity is advisable. 

Consumption of coffee and its health impacts on children

A recent study report suggests that the intake of caffeine and coffee products has highly increased in children and adolescents young people as a lot of caffeinated energy drinks are available in the market. “Children can consume coffee in the required amount only (not more than 1 or 1.5 cups of coffee per day) as their brains are more sensitive to caffeine than the brains of adult people”. As per the study, coffee consumption tends to be safer in children above 12 years. 


Other health benefits of coffee

  • Depression -Drinking coffee reduces the chance of developing depression 
  • Parkinson’s disease -Studies indicate that a cup of coffee reduces the incidence of Parkinsonism in males.  
  • Effect on lung diseases -Coffee reduces the risk of lung diseases in individuals, especially newborns. Administration of caffeine as IV improves lung condition (IV administration of caffeine is done only by health professionals). 
  • Coffee and liver disorders -Drinking coffee has a very positive impact on reducing the incidence of liver disorders. 
  • Drinking caffeine increase the digestive capacity of individuals. 
  • Smoking and coffee -Coffee consumption is a threat for chain smokers, as they increase the risk of many diseases like heart failure, parkinsonism etc. 


We usually consume coffee as a beverage. Consumption of coffee as a drink itself can have wonderful results. Sometimes, coffee is also taken as medicine, in required doses.   

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